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Smart Manufacturing
Summit 2024

Feb 28 and 29 2024 | By Invitation Only

Roundtable: India’s Industrial Destiny: A Manufacturing Charter For The Next Decade
Indian Defence & Aerospace Sector: Journey from Importer to Self-Reliance
CNBC-TV18 Zetwerk Smart Manufacturing Summit 2024 – Fireside chat with Shri MB Patil
0:03 / 23:28 CNBC TV18 Zetwerk Smart Manufacturing Summit 2024 Ep#2
Roundtable - CNBC TV18 Zetwerk Smart Manufacturing Summit 2024
Pulkit Bhandari, CFO, Zetwerk
Vishal Chaudhary, Co-Founder, Zetwerk
Ankit Fatehpuria, Co-Founder, Zetwerk
Srinath Ramakkrushnan, Co-Founder And COO, Zetwerk
Zetwerk’s Aerospace & Defence Facility Is Equipping India’s Defence & Aerospace Sector
Hearable & Wearable Edition
Role of Private Sector in Defence & Aerospace Supply Chain: Boosting Indigenization
Videocast: Fuelling MSMEs To Realise India's Manufacturing Dreams
Videocast | PLI-Led Growth In Hardware Manufacturing

Explore how Zetwerk can maximize manufacturing for you


  • Zetwerk
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Precision Manufacturing
  • Renewables
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Oil & Gas
  • Infrastructure


UP TO 50%

Reduction in lead times

Zetwerk offers transparent tracking and timely delivery for customers.

9 Million+

Number of parts manufactured

Zetwerk provides unmatched manufacturing capabilities for all industries


Active customers

Zetwerk's manufacturing network caters to clients across the globe.


Countries zetwerk delivers to

Zetwerk manufacturing network caters to clients across the globe.

Aerospace & Defense

90,000 sq. ft.

facility in Bengaluru

Dedicated to Aerospace and Defence with best-in-class infrastructure for design and development tools, test and qualification systems, and assembly lines suited to support the needs of large platforms like missile systems, aircraft engines, and more.


Test Systems

From Environment Stress Screening, Thermal Shock, Vibration Machines, and Climatic and Altitude Chambers, enabling us to build military-grade products operating in demanding environments and stringent qualification norms.


Turnaround Time

Our process innovation and investments in modern assembly lines at this facility have cut repair work to just three weeks, in stark comparison to the nine-month-long wait period of OEMs.

25+ GTEs


Deployed for IAF and Indian Army at border areas.

Precision Manufacturing

50% Reduction

in Lead Time

With strategically located warehouses in the US and Mexico, we ensure quick access to essential parts, facilitating delivery within one week to any part of America.


Supply Chain Stability

Leveraging a vast supplier network spanning countries such as India, Vietnam, China, and Mexico, we provide robust supply chain assurance to its partner companies.

Up to 50%

Reduction in Costs

Our extensive network in India, Vietnam, China, and Mexico enables the selection of the most cost-effective suppliers for precision parts, leading to significant cost reductions.


North American Facilities

Our presence with more than five facilities in North America helps eliminate logistical challenges typically associated with overseas sourcing, ensuring efficient operations.


1 GW+

Solar project

Our 1 GW+ Solar Initiative Propels Renewable Energy Forward, Powering a Greener Future.

270 MW Project


A Global Impact, Offset of 316,000 Tons of CO2 Emissions Annually.

Pan India


Our Wide State Presence Drives Sustainable Energy and Achieves Renewable Goals.



Zetwerk Renewables extends its impact globally, engaging in collaborative solar projects, and contributing to world efforts in its march to sustainable energy.

Consumer Electronics

16 Cutting-edge

production lines

From Concept to Creation: Leading IoT Design and Manufacturing with Technological Excellence.


square feet facility

Uniting R&D, Design, and Assembly in NCR's Premier 50,000 Sq Ft Facility .

20 Lakh +

Audio products assembled

Advancing Product Development with World-Class Lab, Over 20 Lakh + Audio Products Assembled, < 1.0% Return Rate .

800,000 SKUs

Churned out monthly

Delivering Quality and Efficiency Across Hearables, Wearables, and IoT Markets, 800,000 SKUs Monthly.

Oil & Gas

15,000 MT


Tuticorin LPG Terminal: Two 15,000 MT Refrigerated Storage Tanks Installed for SHV Energy.



Enhancing Safety and Efficiency: Revamping 10,000 MT Double-Wall Refrigerated LPG Storage Tanks at Indian Oil Corporation's Kandla Plant.

LRS 2022

Regulations Compliant

Ensuring Integrity: NGC Energy's 15,000 MT Full Integrity Double-Walled Storage Tanks in Nellore.


Project completion

Expanding Horizons: Installation of Five Horton Spheres at HRRL Barmer Refinery.



Major Bridges

Forged a transformative path with Western Railways in 24 months, reshaping connectivity and boosting commerce.

21 Girders

in 24 Months

Partnered with L&T Transportation to fabricate girders for the MAHSR in just 24 months. The only company outside Japan to do so.

1836 MT

Fabricated & Erected

Completed fabricating and erecting 1836 MT of steel at Kalinga Stadium in three months for L&T Buildings and Factories.

6000 MT

Fabricated & Erected

6000 MT Fabricated & Erected for Mumbai Metro Stations Quantitative impact - Fabricated and erected 6000 MT for Mumbai-High Speed Rail Stations in an unprecedented five-month timeframe.

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