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Optimizing Global Supply Chain for an Industrial Machinery Manufacturer

By Zetwerk Editorial Team


18 June 2024

A leading global industrial machinery and construction equipment manufacturer faced multiple challenges within its supply chain management. These complexities ranged from managing a global supply base, navigating regulatory hurdles, and ensuring quality control. These challenges necessitated an innovative approach to streamline operations, cut costs, and ensure the timely delivery of high-quality components. ZETWERK stepped in as a collaborative partner to tackle these challenges head-on, employing a blend of expertise in supply chain management, engineering support, and regulatory compliance.

Client Challenges

Complex Supply Chain
The client managed a global supply base for 60 parts sourced from 7-8 suppliers, predominantly from China, with recent expansions into India. This complex web of suppliers required robust coordination to maintain efficiency and effectiveness.

Cost Reduction
Identifying opportunities to optimize production costs was crucial. This involved transitioning products from fabrication to casting, consolidating part numbers, and leveraging local materials and standards to achieve cost reductions.

Quality Control
Ensuring consistent quality across global suppliers was imperative. Proactive management and resolution of quality issues were necessary to prevent production disruptions and maintain high standards.

Logistics and Warehousing
Establishing efficient logistics and warehousing solutions was essential to support just-in-time delivery and minimize inventory holding costs. Effective logistics management ensured smooth operations and timely deliveries.

Regulatory Compliance
Navigating through regulatory challenges, such as anti-dumping duties, was crucial to mitigate financial risks and ensure compliance with global standards. This required a deep understanding of regulatory landscapes and proactive measures to stay compliant.

Our Approach

Supply Chain Integration
ZETWERK acted as a 3PL provider, managing 60 parts from 7-8 global suppliers. A significant portion of the supply chain was transitioned from China to India, focusing on supplier development and product qualification. ZETWERK planned and implemented a comprehensive supply chain, including warehousing and just-in-time delivery arrangements to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

Cost Reduction Initiatives
Various initiatives were adopted to reduce costs. These included migrating products from fabrication to casting processes, consolidating part numbers, and supporting engineering changes to use local materials and standards. These measures not only reduced production costs but also enhanced the overall efficiency of the supply chain.

Quality and Engineering
Support Engineering consulting services were provided to localize materials and standards for production in Europe. Supplier quality management ensured compliance with client standards, and established rework processes effectively addressed quality issues. This proactive approach maintained high-quality standards across the supply chain.

Logistics Solutions
Efficient warehousing and distribution practices were established in the US to manage inventory and ensure timely delivery. During the COVID-19 pandemic, ZETWERK secured 106 containers to prevent production stoppages, saving significant downtime costs. This demonstrated resilience and proactive management in the face of global disruptions.

Regulatory and Compliance Support
ZETWERK navigated anti-dumping duties by developing suppliers in India, resulting in substantial annual savings for the client. Compliance with global standards, including painting and welding qualifications, was ensured for Indian suppliers. This comprehensive approach to regulatory compliance mitigated financial risks and ensured smooth operations.

Key Advantages and Learnings

Just-in-Time Delivery
Enabled a streamlined supply chain with just-in-time delivery, reducing inventory holding costs and ensuring timely production. This approach optimized inventory management and minimized waste.

Cost Savings
Achieved significant cost reductions through innovative design strategies, part consolidation, and sourcing optimizations. These measures translated into substantial financial benefits for the client.

Quality Management
Maintained high-quality standards across suppliers, proactively addressing quality issues to prevent disruptions. This ensured consistent product quality and reliability.

Supply Chain Flexibility
Demonstrated resilience in managing disruptions, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. This flexibility allowed the supply chain to adapt to changing circumstances and maintain operational continuity.

Regulatory Navigation
Successfully mitigated regulatory challenges, resulting in substantial financial savings. Proactive regulatory management ensured compliance and minimized financial risks.


Cost Savings
ZETWERK’s initiatives led to $700,000 in annual savings from product conversion and millions saved from anti-dumping duty mitigation. These savings significantly impacted the client’s bottom line.

Enhanced Quality
Maintained consistently high-quality standards, minimizing production disruptions. This ensured reliable and high-quality product delivery to the market.

Operational Efficiency
Streamlined operations, reduced lead times, and minimized inventory costs while ensuring just-in-time delivery. These improvements enhanced overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Regulatory Compliance
Successfully navigated regulatory challenges, leading to significant financial benefits. This proactive approach to compliance ensured smooth and uninterrupted operations.