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OPINION: Energy independence and indigenizing renewable energy

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04 January 2024

The production of an abundant and sustainable energy supply for future generations is feasible only with renewable energy. Before the awareness that renewable energy had the potential to improve our level of energy independence, it was a resource that mainly went unused for a long time India has stepped up its efforts to reduce the nation’s overall carbon footprint and fulfil its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)commitments, which it made as part of the Paris Agreement, in its quest to reach the $5 trillion economy goal by 2024–25 and rise to the third-largest economy by 2030

Energy independence and indigenizing renewable manufacturing in India have become key priorities in pursuing sustainable development. India is one of the world’s economies, expanding quickly, with a population of more than 1.4 billion. Due to its fast industrialization and urbanization, India increasingly depends on imported fossil fuels to satisfy its rising energy needs. This dependence not only exposes the nation to shifts in the price of oil on a global scale but also causes considerable carbon emissions that fuel climate change. To attain energy independence and advance sustainable development, India must concentrate on growing its renewable energy sector and indigenizing its renewable manufacturing sector.

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