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Powering A Greener Tomorrow For A Leading Private Solar Power Company

Case Studies

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A prominent private developer in the renewable energy sector engaged ZETWERK to execute a solar energy project in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu. The project required ZETWERK to source and deliver state-of-the- art Monocrystalline BI-Facial Dual Glass SS8-72HD – 540/545 Wp Solar PV Modules to produce 153.6 MW green power. Situated in Tamil Nadu, Tuticorin is well suited for harnessing clean energy, aligning with India’s renewable energy ambitions.


ZETWERK encountered several challenges while managing the order. The project’s timeline of five months necessitated precise planning and execution to ensure timely delivery. A challenge emerged during the pre-dispatch inspection (PDI), which initially failed, requiring swift corrective measures. This setback prompted ZETWERK to prioritize the order at the manufacturing facility in Vietnam and expedite production to meet delivery deadlines.


The deployment of high-efficiency Monocrystalline Bi- facial dual glass Solar PV Modules will generate solar power of 153.6 MW. The estimated annual CO2 emissions savings will amount to 72,960,000 kg of CO2 emissions per year, equivalent to planting over 3.3 million trees, or 25,500 metric tonnes of coal, or 23,500 metric tonnes of oil annually. Furthermore, ZETWERK’s efficient project management contributed to local economic development in Tuticorin by creating job opportunities and fostering growth in the renewable energy sector.


ZETWERK’s strategic approach and strong partnerships were instrumental in overcoming challenges and ensuring the success of this solar energy project. By collaborating with a supplier in Vietnam, logistics for ocean freight, engaging a third- party inspection agency, customs clearance, and managing a fleet of 459 trucks, ZETWERK met the delivery timeline. Adhering to quality standards such as IR Class and Indian Customs regulations ensured seamless project execution and regulatory compliance.

This project in Tuticorin not only advances clean energy but also contributes to local economic growth and significant CO2 emissions savings. We are proud to support India’s green energy goals and drive sustainable development.


BU Head- Renewables

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