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A One-stop Solution For Aluminum Extrusion

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Managing the launch of 31 aluminum extrusion dies is no easy feat; add a strict timeline to the mix and you have a challenge. That’s where ZETWERK came in and took on the project head-on. ZETWERK mobilized its robust network of suppliers to manufacture custom aluminum extrusions to exact specifications. Our dedicated Quality Manager and expert personnel were brought in to ensure quality control at every stage of the production process.

ZETWERK’s dedicated Project Manager and our proprietary in house project management software enabled complete visibility of project progress, from design to production to delivery. In addition, we worked closely with the client’s SQE team to audit the production plant and inspect all the extrusions. Approvals are an important part of any precision manufacturing project. To adhere to the client’s tight timelines, ZETWERK engaged in additional resources to expedite the DFM/PPAP/FAIR schedule


With an increase in demand for the customer, the prospect of meeting deliveries with the existing supply chain were difficult. The customer was on the verge of losing out on orders, and with business on the line, it became essential to develop another supply chain with robust quality and minimized lead time. That’s where ZETWERK pitched in, to develop tools, establish the supply chain, and manage production, quality, approvals, and timely deliveries as per customer requirements.


ZETWERK sequentially completed Tooling, First Article, and Production, ensuring zero pauses between phases. We developed and approved samples for 31 tools within 45 days. Production for parts of all sizes of extrusion was completed within 25 days. Our dedicated team streamlined logistics to enable shipping & delivery to the warehouse within 45 days.

ZETWERK’s Quality Team completed FAIR on-site, ensuring no time was lost in transit. This supply chain stabilization enabled on-time deliveries across the US, enabling the customer to fulfill the required orders with the new supply chain established by ZETWERK, ensuring no loss of demand.


ZETWERK’s proprietary tools and technology-enabled seamless project management from design to delivery. With a robust network of reliable suppliers and all the required approvals in place, we were able to efficiently deliver containers of highquality aluminum extrusions to the client’s manufacturing plants across the US, right on schedule.

Our specialized quality and logistics teams ensured adherence to timelines and faster delivery. In addition, ZETWERK offered customer warehousing options, ensuring Just-in-Time delivery of parts as per demand. This led to a 3X increase in demand from the customer and a strong pipeline of orders going forward

By creating true partnerships with our suppliers, we’ve been able to streamline the manufacturing supply chain and set up systems that help us deliver on time, every time. At ZETWERK, we’re truly invested in understanding our clients’ pain points and adapting solutions accordingly.


Business Head – North America Business

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