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Zetwerk is executing railway projects across domains: Co-founder

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04 January 2024

How does Zetwerk work towards maintaining a streamlined supply chain when executing large-scale projects?

Zetwerk has developed a solid project planning, execution muscle in a short period. Right from identifying & developing local RM vendors across various states to having strategic tie-ups with significant steel suppliers on a pan-India scale, we have developed a strong RM supply network. We have additionally developed a network of local labour & machinery contractors to augment our execution muscle.

We provide financial & technical assistance to them & use our in-house project management & planning technology to avoid any execution-related delays. Our in-house quality control team ensures that the work executed is as per quality parameters defined by the client & thus avoids reworks. Our in-house project management tool, Ziso, helps us keep track of project progress & provides transparency to the client. We have a very experienced design team which has worked with significant tendering bodies in the past & can get approvals in a smooth & timely manner.

Some USPs you would like to highlight?

We at Zetwerk are a one-stop solution for all our partners. With customer-centricity at core, we have central planning, management, and process excellence teams to oversee projects and a robust supply chain with pan-India coverage; our team consists of industry experts from top companies in the domain; we have our in-house project management tools such as ZISO and OMS, enquiry management system EQS, last but not least, a solid financial & project execution capabilities

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