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Mission System Integration Rig (MSyIR): Enhanced Air Surveillance

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The NETRA Airborne Early Warning and Control System is crucial for the IAF’s surveillance and tracking efforts across air, sea, and land targets, including ballistic missiles. Commissioned by the Centre for Airborne Systems (CABS), Pinaka Aerospace Solutions. a ZETWERK company developed a Mission System Integration Rig (MSyIR) to validate performance characteristics of avionic subsystems within NETRA AEW & CS. MSyIR replicates the aircraft environment, conducting performance tests for RF signal transmission and reception before aircraft installation.

Pinaka, responsible for designing and integrating MSyIR with the Embraer EJ-145 aircraft platform, met stringent timelines dictated by DRDO’s commitments to the Indian Air Force. Pinaka’s technical team deconstructed the system into individual components, ensuring clear interfaces and functionality. Simultaneously, the program management team initiated planning, scheduling, component sourcing, and risk management, delivering a high-quality product on time.

Through Pinaka’s design and development capabilities, CABS/DRDO delivered a fully indigenous product efficiently. Pinaka’s engineering team, experienced with the IAF’s operations requirements, achieved a deployment-ready solution. Effective program management practices, including partner selection, strict schedules, quality checks, and optimal working capital leverage, contributed to the successful early delivery of the Mission Systems Integration Rig.


Pinaka Aerospace was the first and automatic choice for the defense organization when it looked for a private partner to design, develop, integrate, and test the MSyIR. After all, only some players worldwide have the vast domain expertise and capability to realize and deploy an end-to-end solution of this complexity. Pinaka rose to the challenge of developing the software and hardware, interfacing with aircraft subsystems, and undertook systems validation in complex test conditions needing the simulation of Radio Frequencies ranging up to 40 GHz.


Implementing the MSyIR system is a significant milestone in the Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AEW & CS) development program of the DRDO and its adoption by the IAF. The NETRA has been operationally deployed by the IAF at forward air bases. With the IAF looking for the induction and deployment of additional AEW & CS systems with enhanced capabilities based on larger aircraft such as the Airbus A321, Pinaka’s MSyIR will enable quicker development and integration onto newer aircraft platforms. There is also keen interest from other countries who are looking to buy the NETRA from India. The MSyIR gains importance both for the development and future upgrades of these systems as it enables reliable feature enhancements, platform integrity, and quick turnaround time.


With the execution of such complex projects and the development of advanced systems with leading-edge technologies for the defense and aerospace market, Pinaka Aerospace has established itself as a leader in hardware design, software development, integration, and testing for mission-critical programs of national importance, and the creation of solutions with immense export potential.

Proven in defense and aerospace, we deliver quality solutions certified by ISO/CEMILAC/AS/DGAQA. Expertise in Embedded Solutions, Test & Measurement, and Support & Maintenance.


Operations Head – Aerospace & Defence

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