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Engineering Excellence: Complex Buoh Isomer Column Project Delivered

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A leading Indian oil PSU company’s Oxo Alcohol Refinery in Gujarat required the design, engineering, fabrication, testing, and transportation of BuOH Isomer Columns with Internals and Ladder Platforms on a Lumpsum Turnkey basis. These columns are critical for compound separation and the project presented multifaceted technical challenges.


Designing and fabricating 4.1m diameter, 58.5m long, 45mm thick process columns required advanced structural analysis, FEA, and stress calculations. High- strength alloys were selected to meet ASME Section II, Part A standards and ISO 10474/EN 10204 certifications, ensuring corrosion resistance. Manufacturing demanded cutting-edge welding, 100% radiography for hydrogen service, and post-weld heat treatment, adhering to ASME Sec VIII Div. 1 standard. Regulatory compliance involved ASME standards, Licensor’s specs, Jacobs’ requirements, QA protocols, third-party inspections, and thorough documentation.


The project incorporated technical advancements using advanced materials, stress-relieved welding, and techniques such as non-destructive testing and hardness surveys. Economically, it created employment opportunities, engaged local suppliers and contractors, and stimulated growth through infrastructure development. The project demonstrated commitment to sustainability and regulatory compliance by adhering to stringent environmental regulations, including nitrogen blanketing during transportation, controlled chloride content in hydro- testing, and corrosion allowance considerations.


ZETWERK’s material expertise in sourcing and integrating ASME-standard materials ensured durability and compliance. Advanced manufacturing techniques like additive manufacturing, stress-relieved welding, and rigorous quality control (ultrasonic testing, radiography) produced high-quality components. Our logistical tracking capabilities ensured the safe, timely delivery of oversized equipment. Compliance with environmental regulations highlighted ZETWERK’s commitment to sustainable engineering practices.

Our expertise ensures the safe and timely delivery of critical equipment, while our dedication to environmental stewardship underscores our commitment to sustainable engineering practices.


BU Head – Oil & Gas

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