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Pinaka’s DFCC-ADC Simulator: Ensuring Flight Control Integrity

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As a Fly-By-Wire aircraft, the Tejas LCA relies heavily on several systems that are computer-controlled in real-time for optimal performance. The Flight Control System of the Tejas uses various inputs such as airspeed, angle of attack, side slip, etc., from the environment, and also the pilot’s inputs for pitch, roll, yaw and thrust, to then control the movement of the surface actuators using the control laws implemented in the Digital Flight Control Computer (DFCC). The DFCC and the Air Data Computer (ADC) are thus very critical to the performance of the Tejas LCA to achieve the pilot’s intended flight path.


There are practically infinite permutations and combinations of pilot controls and external factors that control the dynamics of an aircraft’s path. Testing the integrity of the DFCC and the ADC to ensure correct operation of the control laws of flight control is thus critical for the optimal performance of the Tejas LCA. Pinaka’s DFCC-ADC tester addresses this challenge by taking simulated inputs of external sensors measuring airspeed, AoA, etc., and pilot inputs to then feed the control laws in the Flight Control System. This provides an accurate prediction of the aircraft’s behavior under various conditions.


Pinaka’s DFCC-ADC simulator equips aircraft systems developers with tools for swift and accurate analysis, instilling confidence in decision-making and control law implementation. With real-time insights, the software enables proactive measures, identifying issues, optimizing operations, and fine-tuning parameters promptly. Its streamlined process for gathering and analyzing avionics data enhances cost-effectiveness, mission success, and prolonged aircraft longevity. Pinaka’s DFCC-ADC simulator is a valuable tool for continuous improvement, offering insights to refine fuel efficiency, flight dynamics, and potential wear and tear.


Pinaka’s DFCC-ADC simulator stands at the forefront of aerospace innovation, specifically crafted for the
Tejas Light Combat Aircraft. Redefining efficiency and precision in data acquisition becomes a crucial asset in an industry where split-second decisions dictate outcomes. Empowering domain experts, Pinaka’s DFCC-ADC equips them with the capabilities essential for navigating the intricacies of aircraft performance.

Pinaka’s cutting-edge DFCC-ADC simulator is the cornerstone that ensures peak performance of Tejas LCA’s Flight Control System. By simulating myriad inputs and control laws, this tool safeguards optimal operations and empowers developers with real-time insights for decision-making.


Business Head – Aerospace & Defence

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