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De-Risking Wind Turbine Nacelle Supply Chains: A Zetwerk Success Story

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A prominent European Wind Turbine OEM found itself grappling with a sole-source predicament from a high- cost supplier for its fiberglass wind turbine nacelles. The burden of expensive shipping processes compounded the challenge. This is where ZETWERK stepped in to address the issue by redefining the supply chain.


Global supply chains are in a constant state of flux. For our customer, this meant overcoming the inconvenience of dealing with a sole-source supplier whose costs were reaching unsustainable proportions. The product in question, fiberglass wind turbine nacelles, demanded specialized production and posed a logistical challenge due to their size and weight, making transportation an expensive endeavor. Recognizing the urgency and complexity of the issue, the European Wind Turbine OEM turned to ZETWERK for a solution.


By acquiring a dormant fiberglass factory in Spain and appointing an Indian supplier, we achieved a 10% cost savings, effectively addressing the financial strain caused by the sole-source situation and increasing price competitiveness. This move de-risked the supply chain and ensured a more resilient and robust supply chain. Additionally, integrating components from a low-cost supplier in India has shown the viability of a global sourcing strategy and opened up possibilities for the customer to explore new product lines.


The hybrid supply chain model addressed the immediate concerns and laid the foundation for sustainable cost reduction and risk mitigation. The larger components of the wind turbine nacelles are now produced in Spain. Smaller components sourced from a low-cost supplier in India are imported and integrated into a kit assembly in Spain.

Our problem-solving approach has addressed the immediate supply chain challenges and provided a sustainable, scalable solution for future growth.


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