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Operability Enhancement: Jaguar TGT Amplifier Indigenization

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Pinaka Aerospace Solutions is at the forefront of revolutionizing aerospace technology, particularly with the enhancement of the Rolls-Royce Adour MK804 and MK 811 Engines Turbine Gas Temperature (TGT) Amplifiers for the SEPECAT Jaguar fleet operated by the Indian Air Force. This midlife upgrade project addresses the frequent failures associated with the legacy OEM Amplifier, ensuring the continued operational efficiency of the engines until the mid-2030s when these aircraft will be decommissioned.

Pinaka’s indigenous TGT Amplifier uses cutting-edge technology, featuring a sensing circuit for pre-start engine rotational direction verification and sensors that dynamically adjust fuel flow based on gas temperature and low-pressure compressor speed.


The repeated failures of the original OEM Amplifier led to frequent “Aircraft-on-Ground” situations, necessitating a viable alternative. Pinaka’s solution not only rectifies these issues but also enhances the overall performance, reliability, and Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).

The TGT Amplifier upgrades ensure correct rotation during startup (T6, NL) and offer an “E Rating,” allowing for a higher top datum value. Real-time communication is facilitated through RS 485, providing superior operational capabilities.


Pinaka’s TGT Amplifier is a crucial midlife upgrade for the IAF Jaguar, bridging the gap until the AMCA’s anticipated deployment in the mid-2030s. The enhanced product has significantly contributed to the aircraft’s reliability, ensuring its continued serviceability.

As a Deep Penetration Strike Aircraft, IAF’s Jaguar fleet plays a critical role in India’s defence doctrine. Ensuring uptime and maximizing deployment readiness is thus indispensable. Pinaka’s TGT Amplifier which has replaced Rolls-Royce’s original system has given the aircraft a new lease of life.


Pinaka leverages proprietary tools and technology to seamlessly manage the entire upgrade process. With a robust network of reliable suppliers, stringent quality control, and efficient logistics teams, Pinaka ensures the timely delivery of the TGT Amplifier upgrades. The project showcases 100% supply chain visibility, clarity, and On-Time-In-Full (OTIF) delivery.

The Digital TGT Amplifier also establishes Pinaka as a reliable supplier of airborne systems. Having flown over 500 hours during testing prior to induction into the IAF, Pinaka has proven to have the ability to design, develop, qualify, induct and support safetycritical system of an aircraft engine.

Pinaka Aerospace Solutions, a Zetwerk Company, successfully addresses the challenges faced in operating the Rolls-Royce Adour MK804 and MK 811 Engine TGT Amplifiers by providing an indigenous, reliable, and high-performance alternative. This project ensures the sustained operational effectiveness of the SEPECAT Jaguar fleet and positions Pinaka as a leader in aerospace technology innovation.


Business Head – Aerospace & Defence

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