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IRCON 04: Powering 73 TKM Of Railway Electrification

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ZETWERK has been actively involved in railway electrification endeavors spanning 600 track kilometers (TKm) across West Bengal. A notable milestone in our portfolio is the completion of 73 TKm P-2A CRS (Commissioner of Railway Safety) on March 28, 2023. This project showcases ZETWERK’s efforts to enhance railway electrification infrastructure and contribute to the modernization of transportation networks in the region.


ZETWERK faced challenges in coordinating large-scale electrification works across 73 TKm, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, and successfully conducting statutory inspections. The need to achieve full sectional speed (100 Kmph) in the NMZ – Dalgaon section added complexity, requiring planning and execution. Casting 90 foundations in a single day, while maintaining quality standards, presented a notable challenge that ZETWERK successfully addressed.


The completion of the 73 TKm P-2A CRS on March 28, 2023, marked a significant achievement for ZETWERK. Successful statutory inspections, followed by speed trials at full sectional speed, demonstrated the company’s capability to deliver railway electrification projects with precision and efficiency. The electrification works in the NMZ – Dalgaon section contributed to improved transportation infrastructure, enabling faster and more reliable train services. Handing over 61 TKm sections underscored ZETWERK’s commitment to project completion and client satisfaction.


ZETWERK’s successful engagement in railway electrification projects, especially the completion of the 73 TKm P-2A CRS, positioned the company as a key contributor to the modernization of West Bengal’s rail infrastructure. Casting 90 foundations in a single day highlighted the company’s operational efficiency and capability to meet project timelines. ZETWERK’s expertise in large-scale electrification projects solidified its standing as a trusted partner for railway infrastructure development.

With the electrification of the 73 TKm P-2A CRS project in West Bengal, ZETWERK has showcased precision and efficiency while overcoming challenges, including statutory inspections and achieving full sectional speed.

Abhay Adya

Business Head – Transmission and Distribution

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