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Delivering LPG Storage Excellence

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A leading oil-producing PSU entrusted ZETWERK with supplying, fabricating, erecting, testing, and commissioning 3 x 600 MT mounded-type pressure vessels for LPG storage and three cone-roof firewater storage tanks. This venture represents a project in excellence, innovation, and socioeconomic development. Moreover, the harsh environmental conditions of Rajasthan, including temperature fluctuations and sandstorms, added complexity to fabrication and erection. Furthermore, ensuring compliance with statutory regulations such as PESO (Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization) approval necessitated meticulous planning and execution.


The project’s technical intricacies posed formidable challenges. Adherence to stringent codes such as PD 5500 (British Standard for safe design, construction, and testing of unfired pressure vessels, ensuring integrity across industries) and BS EN 288-3: 1992 (qualification tests for welders on metallic materials, ensuring their competency for safe and effective welding), precise mechanical design, and finite element analysis were imperative. Ensuring compatibility with IS:2041 (Indian Standard for steel plates in pressure vessel fabrication, ensuring strength and safety) Grade R355 plate material while fabricating the mounded vessels demands meticulous planning and execution.


We avoided displacing communities and employed a local workforce. Comprehensive testing parameters ensured structural robustness and operational reliability. Hydrostatic pressure testing guaranteed the vessels’ integrity.

Radiographic examination, encompassing 100% radiography for LPG tanks and magnetic particle examination for nozzleto-shell welds, ensured weld quality in adherence to stringent codes. Dimensional checks, alignment verification, and material identification, supervised by Third Party Inspection Agencies, validated adherence to design specifications and regulatory standards.


ZETWERK’s approach to every facet of the project, from mechanical design conforming to IS:2041 Grade R355 plate material to meticulous fabrication and rigorous quality assurance, every step exemplified excellence. Leveraging advanced techniques like finite element analysis and adhering to stringent codes like PD 5500, and ZETWERK ensured structural integrity and operational efficiency. Moreover, our proactive engagement with regulatory bodies ensured seamless compliance with statutory requirements.

While executing this project, the region saw infrastructural improvement and delivered substantial savings in transportation costs.


Business Head – Renewables

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