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Innovation In Defense: Digitised AKIPS Missile Testing

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Facing challenges with OEM-supplied missile checkout system, obsolete technologies, hard to maintain, bulky and difficult to deploy, inefficient to operate – Pinaka seized an opportunity for innovation. The Digitized AKIPS, with its compact design, overcame bulkiness, enabling easy transport and deployment in diverse environments. Simultaneous testing of two missiles enhanced throughput, addressing time limitations.

Legacy programs were replaced with contemporary software technologies, better IPC and modern GUI for ease of operations, streamlining configuration and execution processes. The impact of Digitized AKIPS on missile check-out is profound. It comprehensively evaluates subsystems simultaneously, optimizing assessments, saving valuable time during wartime operations, and importantly, improving trustworthiness of the launch. The modernized interface ensures easy adaptation to evolving requirements, placing Digitized AKIPS at the forefront of missile testing technology. Pinaka’s innovation sets a new standard for efficiency and adaptability in defense technology, ensuring reliability and performance for future defense forces.


Legacy missile checkout systems built on old technologies, including poor computational ability and inefficient communication, pose challenges for operational deployments. The OEM-supplied missile checkout system is bulky, hindering mobility and increasing logistics requirements for deployment. The system also forced users into a sequential workflow, limiting the ability to launch missiles faster. Older systems heavily relied on legacy programs, making it cumbersome to adapt to evolving testing requirements and technological advancements.


Recognizing challenges in traditional missile launch go/no-go testing, Pinaka Aerospace, a ZETWERK company innovated with Digitized AKIPS, revolutionizing testing. Its compact design enables easy deployment, overcoming bulky legacy system limitations. Simultaneous testing of two missiles increased throughput, saving time. Replacing legacy programs with a modern IPC and GUI streamlined processes, enhancing deployment efficiency. Digitized AKIPS has a far-reaching impact, allowing defense professionals to check various subsystem parameters simultaneously, optimizing assessments. This includes the Radio Control Unit, RF subsystem, radio Fuse, Analog and Digital commands, Electrical power, and Pneumatic subsystem. Simultaneous testing ensures quicker assessments, saving valuable time. The modernized interface adapts easily to evolving requirements, solidifying Digitized AKIPS at the forefront of missile testing technology.


With the execution of such complex projects and the development of advanced systems with leading-edge technologies for the defense and aerospace market, Pinaka Aerospace has established itself as a leader in hardware design, software development, integration, and testing for mission-critical programs of national importance, and the creation of solutions with immense export potential.

Proven in defense and aerospace, we deliver quality solutions certified by ISO/CEMILAC/AS/DGAQA. Expertise in Embedded Solutions, Test & Measurement, and Support & Maintenance.


Operations Head – Aerospace & Defence

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