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Crushing and Briquetting Plant Expansion: Completed

Case Studies

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A leading Indian company required a significant expansion project at Dolvi and Bellary. The focal point of this endeavor was the establishment of a Crushing & Briquetting Plant. Given the complexity and scale of the project, they partnered with ZETWERK to oversee the fabrication, installation, and commissioning of equipment.


Coordinating Diverse Structures and Vendors: The primary challenge lay in orchestrating the fabrication, installation, and commissioning of a diverse range of structures and bought-outs. With ZETWERK as the one-stop solution provider, managing the intricacies of twenty-three vendors handling conveyor galleries, columns, building structures, coal bunkers, handrails, monorails, and more became a collaborative effort to ensure seamless integration and timely project completion.


Parallel Manufacturing and High Throughput: The decision to engage ZETWERK impacted the project substantially. Our implementation of parallel manufacturing processes proved instrumental, achieving an impressive throughput of 1500-2000 MT per month. This accelerated the project timeline, ensuring a continuous and efficient production flow, and ultimately contributing to the overall success of the Plant Expansion Project.


Streamlined Operations and Project:By outsourcing 30% of the project to ZETWERK, we optimized resources, minimized bottlenecks, and ensured the timely fabrication, installation, and commissioning of equipment. ZETWERK’s expertise and approach enhanced efficiency and allowed for better project control and faster response to challenges.

Utilizing ZETWERK’s fabrication and installation capabilities enabled the client to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable throughput in large-scale endeavors.

This strategic collaboration sets a new standard in the industry, emphasizing the importance of coordination, efficiency, and streamlined operations for successful project execution

Rajat Gupta

Business Head – General Fabrication (GFB)

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