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Covid-19 And Logistical Challenges Overcome: Bridge Delivered

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Champa City, located in Chhattisgarh, was facing significant logistical challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the critical infrastructure projects affected was the construction of a rail bridge aimed at reducing rail traffic congestion. The timely execution of this project became a pressing concern due to transportation restrictions and the need to transport heavy structural materials amidst the pandemic.


The primary challenge was to build a 60.5-meter open web girder for the rail bridge in Champa City. This involved overcoming logistical constraints caused by the pandemic, such as restricted transportation and supply chain disruptions. The transportation of 515 tonnes of steel structures for the bridge amidst these challenges added complexity to the project. The goal was to reduce rail traffic congestion and improve travel time for passengers and freight.


ZETWERK’s involvement in manufacturing and supplying critical steel structures for the open web girder bridge had a far-reaching impact on the project’s outcomes. The successful completion of the 60.5-meter bridge significantly reduced congestion and halved travel time for rail traffic in the region. This had a direct positive impact on passenger convenience, freight logistics, and overall economic growth in Champa City and its surrounding areas.


Leveraging our robust network of suppliers and expertise in fabricating and transporting heavy steel structures, ZETWERK ensured the timely delivery of 515 tonnes of materials for the rail bridge. This facilitated the smooth construction process and contributed to the bridge’s strength and stability. It has become a catalyst for economic growth, empowering businesses in Champa and beyond.

Our expertise not only reinforces the bridge’s strength but also significantly reduces travel time, marking a transformative leap for both passengers and freight.

Nishant Goel

Business Unit Head – Railways & Metro

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