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Zetwerk-Unimacts Pioneering a Global Paradigm Shift in Solar Pile Supply Chain Dynamics

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For the solar energy industry, the importance of a dependable and cost-effective supply chain cannot ignored. Zetwerk-Unimacts has positioned itself as a transformative entity, playing a crucial role in reshaping the worldwide landscape of solar pile supply for US-based EPC firms. On account of rising steel and shipping costs, the company initiated a strategic plan, commencing with establishing a pile factory in North America.


US-based EPC firms were grappling with challenges stemming from the increasing costs of steel and shipping, impacting the cost-effectiveness of their supply chains. Zetwerk-Unimacts responded by setting up a pile factory in North America as part of a broader initiative to address these challenges.


Zetwerk-Unimacts has positioned itself as a pivotal global and local supplier of solar piles, directly addressing the challenges faced by global EPC firms. The establishment of the manufacturing facility in North America had significant impacts. We now respond rapidly globally, helping solar energy firms meet project deadlines. Furthermore, our solar piles cost 10% or more below market rates, ensuring substantial cost savings for clients and enhancing the financial viability of solar projects.


Zetwerk-Unimacts’ advantage lies in its ability to deliver comprehensive solutions for the solar pile supply chain. With manufacturing facilities in North America and India, complemented by a global distribution network, we ensure a seamless and integrated customer experience. This end-to-end approach simplifies the procurement process, guaranteeing the quality and reliability of solar piles. Zetwerk-Unimacts has redefined the dynamics of the global solar pile supply chain. Through strategic initiatives like establishing manufacturing facilities in North America, we are a reliable and cost-effective supplier for US-based EPC firms.

The combination of swift response times, substantial cost savings, and a comprehensive solution positions Zetwerk-Unimacts as the preferred partner in the solar energy industry, leading the way in facilitating the seamless and efficient realization of solar projects worldwide.

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