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Electrifying Railways in Karnataka: CORE Gr. 295 & 296 Projects of 64 TKm Delivered

Case Studies

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Zetwerk undertook two critical railway electrification projects, namely CORE Gr. 295 and CORE Gr. 296, covering a combined distance of 64 TKm in Karnataka. These projects aimed to contribute significantly to the modernization of rail infrastructure, showcasing Zetwerk’s commitment to delivering high-quality and reliable solutions in the transportation sector.


The projects presented Zetwerk with several challenges, including stringent regulatory compliance and inspection requirements for railway electrification works. Successfully meeting these requirements involved conducting statutory inspections and speed trials at full sectional speed (100 Kmph) in two distinct sections: Shivamogga – Kumsi (26 TKm) and Chikbanavar – Solur (38 TKm). Managing the scale and complexity of electrifying 64 TKm across diverse sections in Karnataka required effective coordination with various stakeholders.


Zetwerk’s accomplishments have had a profound impact on the railway electrification landscape. Successful statutory inspections and speed trials, ensuring the safety and efficiency of rail operations. The commissioning of 26 TKm in CORE Gr. 295 and 38 TKm in CORE Gr. 296 marked crucial milestones in the Transmission and Distribution Business Unit, showcasing Zetwerk’s prowess in executing large-scale electrification projects.


Zetwerk has solidified its expertise in railway electrification, positioning itself as a leading player in the sector with a proven ability to meet statutory inspection deadlines, conduct successful speed trials, and enhance its reputation for reliability and efficiency. The successful completion of the CORE Gr. 295 and 296 projects, along with the PCEE inspection milestone has made us a preferred choice for railway electrification projects and opening doors to expanded opportunities in the railway infrastructure sector.

Zetwerk has displayed reliability and efficiency in completing the CORE Gr. 295 and CORE Gr. 296 railway electrification projects in Karnataka and is well on the way to establishing ourselves as a leader in this sector.

Nishant Goel

Business Unit Head – Railways & Metro

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