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Precision Crafted Cryogenic LPG Tanks for Energy Major

Case Studies

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Sharp Tanks and Structurals P. Ltd., undertook a significant project for a major Indian energy company in Haldia, West Bengal. The project involved the fabrication, erection, welding, testing, and calibration of two Cryogenic LPG Double-walled Tanks with Suspended Decks.


These tanks, with a massive capacity of 12,500 MT each, were designed to meet the stringent requirements set by PDIL (Projects and Development India Ltd.). The outer tank had dimensions of 37 meters in diameter and 26 meters in height, while the inner tank measured 35 meters in diameter and 25 meters in height. The precision required in welding, the adherence to strict safety standards, and the complexities of working with cryogenic materials were significant hurdles as was meeting the specifications set by PDIL.


Sharp Tanks and Structurals P. Ltd. delivered two impeccably crafted Cryogenic LPG Double-walled Tanks to the client in Haldia. The impact of this achievement was manifold. Firstly, the completion of the project strengthened Sharp Tanks’ reputation as a reliable and skilled player in the fabrication and structural engineering domain. The successful delivery of the tanks also bolstered the client’s operational capabilities, providing them with state-of-the-art storage facilities for LPG. The adherence to safety standards ensured a secure operational environment, meeting both regulatory requirements and industry best practices.


The successful completion of this project provided Sharp Tanks and Structurals P. Ltd. with a competitive advantage in the market. The company’s ability to handle complex and large-scale fabrication projects, especially in the cryogenic domain, positioned it as a go-to solution provider for clients with demanding requirements. The experience gained from this undertaking further solidified their technical expertise and project management capabilities. This success not only enhanced the company’s portfolio but also opened doors for future collaborations in the energy and petrochemical sectors, where precision and reliability are paramount.

Our successful delivery of impeccably crafted Cryogenic LPG Double-walled Tanks in Haldia has showcased our technical prowess and commitment to excellence. This project has positioned us as a reliable solution provider in the energy sector, ready to tackle complex challenges and deliver outstanding results

Vijaya Peri

Business Unit Head – Oil & Gas

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