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Harnessing The Sun Down Under: Overcoming Challenges with Global Legal Expertise

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The Australian solar tracker market posed challenges for a global industry leader due to limited local suppliers, rising operational costs, and strict import regulations. To overcome these hurdles, UNIMACTS, a ZETWERK company, swiftly engaged trade attorneys from the USA and Australia, unraveling complex market regulations.

Simultaneously, ZETWERK-UNIMACTS undertook a comprehensive product redesign, leveraging our engineering expertise to optimize assemblies, reduce costs, and uphold quality standards. This dual approach, combining legal acumen and technical innovation, proved pivotal.


Entering the emerging Australian market presented formidable challenges, including the limited availability of local suppliers, elevated operational costs, and intricate import regulations. Despite these hurdles, the client sought a transformative solution from ZETWERK-UNIMACTS. To address these challenges, we mobilized a team of attorneys in the USA and Australia, leveraging our trade expertise to navigate the complex market regulations. Simultaneously, drawing on our extensive engineering knowledge, we embarked on a comprehensive product redesign journey, optimizing assemblies, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance with regulations to avoid prohibitive tariffs.


The collaboration with ZETWERK-UNIMACTS proved to be a game-changer for our client. By successfully navigating regulatory complexities and implementing strategic product optimizations, the solar tracker OEM achieved an unobstructed market entry into Australia. In the first year alone, the client generated over $10MM in revenue, with subsequent years witnessing a remarkable increase, surpassing $50MM+ in new revenue. Beyond financial success, ZETWERK-UNIMACTS enabled the client to deliver significant value to the Australian market while maintaining their expected profit margins. This success story highlights how strategic partnerships and innovative solutions can drive exceptional growth in challenging market landscapes.


The collaboration with ZETWERK-UNIMACTS emerged as the linchpin in the customer’s triumphant foray into the Australian solar tracker market. The results were nothing short of impressive. A swift, profitable entry saw the customer capturing a commendable $10MM in revenue within the inaugural year alone. This success narrative continued to unfurl, with revenues reaching and surpassing the noteworthy $50MM milestone. Beyond the mere financial gains, ZETWERK-UNIMACTS’ solution empowered the customer to deliver substantive value to the Australian market while meticulously safeguarding their anticipated profit margins. This comprehensive advantage not only facilitated market entry but also solidified the customer’s position as a transformative force in the rapidly expanding Australian solar sector.

Navigating challenges in the Australian solar market, we leveraged our expertise, drew on local knowledge, optimized products, reduced costs, and ensured compliance, facilitating a seamless market entry.


Business Head – NAB

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