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Transforming Grooming: ZETWERK’s Success in Shifting Nail Clipper Manufacturing to India

Case Studies

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The market for nail care products has seen significant growth over the years, with a rising demand for high-quality nail clippers that offer precision, durability, and ergonomic design. A popular American brand approached ZETWERK to produce a surgical-grade stainless steel blades, force-reducing mechanism, and 180° adjustable swivel head for their nail clipper. Manufacturing these nail clippers involves intricate processes to ensure the final product meets the highest quality and functionality standards.


There are several manufacturing materials and processes that go into creating a simple-looking but complex grooming product like a nail clipper. Producing its components involves multiple manufacturing processes including die casting, machining, powder coating, injection molding, metal injection molding, stamping, and laser etching. With this, the brand was looking for a company that could aid with the end-to-end manufacturing of the product, and deliver to the US, adhering to stringent quality control and timelines.


ZETWERK took on the task, of mobilizing its robust network of suppliers to provide turnkey solutions for manufacturing, assembly, packaging, logistics & warehousing. We set up a semi-automated line to produce and inspect the final product.

We achieved a remarkable feat by establishing a complete supply chain in India within just four months. ZETWERK s optimized inventory management system ensured that the customer demand forecasts were met and exceeded. We successfully produced and shipped 250,000 nail clipper units in a single year.


ZETWERK’s expertise in setting up semi-automated production lines and stringent quality control measures ensures consistent product quality and reliability, contributing to customer satisfaction and market competitiveness. Overall, ZETWERK’s comprehensive manufacturing capabilities and efficient supply chain management make it an ideal partner for brands looking to deliver high-quality nail care products to the market.

Manufacturing 250,000 units in a year is a testament to our commitment to the Make in India initiative.

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