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Empowering Sustainability: Impactful Solutions in Solar Project Execution

Case Studies

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When JSW Energy Limited was looking to expand its operations in the solar energy space, the company required a partner to aid in end-to-end manufacturing operations – from design to execution. With ZETWERK’s ongoing operations in the renewable energy sector, executing close to 1 GW of solar projects in India, this partnership was the perfect fit. The partnership consisted of two major solar power projects, executed in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, respectively

Given the stringent timeline and variables at play, ZETWERK’s project management team got straight to work. We mobilized our robust network of trusted suppliers to ensure fast, high-quality production, and to deliver critical components on-site within the first month.

ZETWERK’s in-house project management software enabled complete visibility, real-time project updates, and predictability throughout the project lifecycle. Parallel manufacturing and supervision by dedicated Quality Control teams ensured optimized timelines. Our logistics teams ensured seamless dispatches and on-time deliveries, per the project schedule.

Through research and development, ZETWERK optimized component design with a 10+% reduction in solar mounting structures. Our engineering teams worked to optimize for operational strength and leverage working capital, to ultimately deliver the project ahead of schedule.


The first project, located 60 km from Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh, was the 15 MW DC Nandyal solar project which was set to be executed in the remote village of Gadivemula. The second project – the 12 MW DC Bellary solar project – was located in Malapur, 35 km from the main district – making labor retention a challenge due to the project’s remote location. 

With each area characterized by tough terrain and temperatures reaching over 45°C, strategically mobilizing resources became a top priority. The difficult conditions of the area of land allocated for the project called for the strategic deployment of heavy machinery for critical earthwork and piling activities. 


The implementation of these solar power projects signifies a significant step towards renewable energy adoption. Harnessing solar power reduces reliance on fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy sources, thereby lowering carbon emissions and mitigating air pollution. 

The solar power projects will benefit local communities and promote the use of clean energy in the region. This influence extends to the national grid and technological advancement. By embracing solar energy, these projects set a precedent for sustainable development, leaving a lasting positive impact on various facets of society and the environment. This cause is in line with the UN’s SDG goals of access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all (SDG7)

In addition, the installation of these projects in the Bellary and Kurnool districts has generated local employment opportunities, stimulating economic growth in the region


ZETWERK’s proprietary tools and technology-enabled seamless project management from design to execution to delivery. Real-time project visibility gave the client complete peace of mind throughout the project lifecycle. With a robust network of reliable suppliers across India, we were able to efficiently dispatch and deliver heavy materials on-site. Parallel manufacturing ensured shorter timelines and delivery ahead of schedule. 

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