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Green Innovations and Women’s Empowerment: Driving Force of India’s Industrial Revolution

By Zetwerk Editorial Team

Summit Blogs

24 May 2024

Transforming Tomorrow: Green Tech and Women’s Empowerment in India’s Industrial Evolution

The ZETWERK Smart Manufacturing Summit 2024 showcased innovators in Industry 4.0, and two notable presentations stood out for their impactful contributions to India’s manufacturing landscape. 

Uday Narang, Founder & Chairman of Omega Seiki Mobility, and Paridhi Mantri, AVP of Soothe Healthcare, shared their journeys of sustainable mobility and menstrual hygiene product innovation, respectively. These narratives underscored the dynamism of India’s industrial revolution and highlighted the pivotal roles of green technologies and women’s empowerment in shaping a progressive economy.

Uday Narang’s discourse on Omega Seiki Mobility highlighted the imperative of transitioning towards green energy and sustainability. With a focus on electric vehicles (EVs) and reducing carbon emissions, Omega Seiki Mobility has invested heavily in bringing about change in India’s commercial vehicle sector. Narang emphasized the environmental and health benefits of adopting EVs, citing alarming pollution statistics and the urgent need for climate action.

India’s burgeoning EV market, fueled by government incentives like FAME 2, reflects a shift towards cleaner transportation solutions. Omega Seiki’s innovations include fast-charging infrastructure for EVs, signifying a robust commitment to driving India’s “Har Ghar Electric” vision. Narang’s call for businesses to thrive without overdependence on subsidies echoes a sentiment of self-reliance and sustainable growth.

On the other hand, Paridhi Mantri’s narrative with Soothe Healthcare’s Pari brand showcased a different facet of innovation – menstrual hygiene products. Addressing societal taboos and promoting menstrual health awareness, Pari’s journey is representative of women-led entrepreneurship and social impact. Mantri highlighted the stark realities of menstrual hygiene in India, where a significant percentage of women face challenges due to inadequate access to hygienic products.

Pari’s success story underscores the power of disruptive products combined with a compelling social mission. By championing Nari Shakti (women empowerment) at every stage, from manufacturing to consumer outreach, Pari is the ethos of inclusive growth. The brand’s rapid expansion and endorsement by public figures like Janhvi Kapoor signify a growing societal acceptance and recognition of menstrual hygiene as a critical health issue.

Omega Seiki Mobility and Soothe Healthcare exemplify how innovation can drive positive change across sectors. By reducing pollution, promoting clean energy, empowering women, and breaking taboos, these narratives will propel India to a sustainable and equitable future. As the nation continues its march in Industry 4.0, these stories inspire entrepreneurs and policymakers to prioritize green technologies and social impact initiatives.

India’s industrial revolution is a story of technological advancements and values-driven innovations that benefit society. The convergence of green innovations and women’s empowerment will play an important role in shaping India’s economic and social landscape in the 21st century.