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Navigating the Challenges of Bangladesh’s Solar Landscape

By Zetwerk Editorial Team


04 January 2024

The renewable energy sector in Bangladesh is experiencing significant growth, with notable projects like the 200 MW Solar Park in Gaibandha, Rangpur, led by BEXIMCO Limited. ZETWERK played an important role in the project’s delivery by streamlining the supply chain for efficient execution and on-time delivery. We adopted technology integration, project management excellence, quality assurance, parallel manufacturing, and global logistics coordination to overcome challenges associated with the project.

We deployed state-of-the-art tools to monitor and oversee this project for swift decision-making crucial in ensuring on-time project delivery and addressing challenges as they arise. ZETWERK’s dedication to quality assurance is evident in implementing rigorous quality checks and adhering to the ZETWERK Quality Control (ZQC) standards. This commitment ensured that all products supplied or manufactured by ZETWERK met the highest industry standards, contributing to the longevity and reliability of the solar park.

The challenge of delivering large quantities of steel, cables, and other equipment within a tight timeframe of five months prompted us to adopt a “Parallel Manufacturing” approach. We simultaneously produced all project materials that allowed for efficient handling of this massive project. Quality Control Engineers oversaw production at each factory, ensuring world-class quality within the stipulated timeframe.

Coordinating transportation that involved seventeen transporters and twenty-four suppliers across three countries presented a significant logistical challenge. Our logistic team executed a perfect operation by employing in-house project management software that monitors materials from production to delivery across borders for a streamlined and efficient logistics network.

Executing projects in neighboring countries like Bangladesh contributes to the “Made in India for the World” initiative. Our successful project execution in Bangladesh not only showcases the capabilities of Indian companies but also fosters collaboration and strengthens economic ties between nations. Additionally, ZETWERK’s role in supporting neighboring countries in achieving green goals through environmentally conscious project execution aligns with global sustainability efforts.