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Revolutionising Fitness Tech: Delivering 10,000 Precision Rings per Month

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Given the strict timeline of three months to get to a production of 10,000 rings per month, ZETWERK got straight to work. Our dedicated teams for project management & quality control worked to:

  • Leverage our robust supplier network to develop precision CNC machined components for wearable devices
  • Employ parallel manufacturing techniques encompassing Turning, Milling, Machining, and Buffing to optimise production and save valuable time
  • Strategically conserve capacity by dedicating it to time-sensitive operations, enhancing overall operational efficiency
  • Innovatively identify and collaborate with parallel buffing specialists to seamlessly meet increased demand
  • Maintain unwavering adherence to quality with meticulous specifications: 8.2mm ring width, +/- 0.05mm tolerance for internal surfaces, and +/- 0.1mm for outer surfaces
  • Transcend precision challenges by achieving a polished, mirror finish on all products in line with the brand’s aesthetic requirements
  • Establish a rigorous inspection line to ensure uncompromised quality validation, underscoring our commitment to excellence
  • Assemble an exclusive team of expert Quality Inspectors, meticulously chosen for their attention to detail
  • Enforce a pristine environment within dust-free chambers, underscoring our commitment to impeccable standards
  • Amplify visibility and scrutiny with cutting-edge lighting: Intense LED spotlights (2430 lux) and personal lamps (4500 lux)
  • Elevate inspection precision by harnessing optimal lighting conditions, enabling the identification of even the subtlest flaws
  • Scrutinise components comprehensively, discerning imperfections such as scratches, dents, damages, and intricate buffing patterns


What does it take to build the next revolution in fitness technology? A fitness tracker that literally wraps around your finger – the last ring you’ll need.

When ZETWERK partnered with the customer, a leader in India’s health-tech landscape, we completed tooling and fixtures for the ambitious fitness ring and got the parts approved for mass production by June ‘22.

The initial order volume for production was to the scale of 800-1000 rings per month. By the time we delivered close to 3000 rings in the span of June – Sept ‘22, the company was keen on scaling up to 10,000 rings for Oct ‘22 – Jan ‘23 period.

By Feb-Mar’23, their requirement shot up to 10,000 product units per month, to keep up with the market demand. This required extensive supply chain planning & capacity allocation, proving to be a challenging feat, considering the tight timelines and stringent quality requirements.


ZETWERK’s use of parallel manufacturing helped amp up the client’s production capacity month on month, while simultaneously reducing the rate of rejection. Through this process, we were able to deliver over 25k rings to the customer in six months, thereby delivering a business value of USD 750k. The client was now able to seamlessly keep up with market demand.


ZETWERK’s proprietary tools and technology-enabled seamless project management from production to delivery. Our dedicated team for quality assurance ensured stringent inspections at each stage of the process. Our project management software ensured real-time visibility throughout the project lifecycle, helping us meet the client’s demands.

When it comes to scaling up production, Zetwerk has got your back. Our robust network of carefully selected suppliers, parallel manufacturing processes and internationally recognised quality management systems ensure shorter timelines and adherence to specifications. Our state-of-the-art project management systems ensure visibility throughout the project lifecycle.


Business Head – North America Business

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