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Swift Solar Success: A 5-Month Renewable Energy Project In Bhuj

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A leading PSU required BI-Facial SS8-72HD -545/550 WP Modules to generate 378MW for a project in Bhuj, Gujarat. These high-efficiency solar modules are designed to capture sunlight from both sides, increasing energy yield and optimizing space utilization, marking a shift towards cleaner energy production, and aligning with national and global sustainability goals.


The project faced multiple technical and logistical considerations. The delivery timeline of five months, considering the modules were to be imported from Asia during the Chinese New Year required precise planning and execution. This was especially critical since it affects production speed while maintaining the exact technical specifications mandated by the tender. Coordinating with multiple vendors and agencies further added complexity to the project’s execution, necessitating seamless coordination and communication channels.


The project will reduce carbon emissions and mitigate climate change effects. The high-efficiency modules are expected to save an estimated 179,550,000 kg of CO2 emissions per year, equivalent to planting over 8 million trees or saving around 63,000 metric tonnes of coal or 58,000 metric tonnes of oil annually. This reduction in carbon emissions aligns with India’s commitment to sustainability and its broader objective of transitioning towards renewable energy sources.


ZETWERK orchestrated a comprehensive supply chain strategy, sourcing specialized solar modules, coordinating logistics for custom clearance and land transportation, and engaging a third-party inspection agency to uphold quality standards. Managing a fleet of 1114 trucks for transportation required detailed planning and coordination, which ZETWERK executed, ensuring timely delivery and installation of the solar modules. Our technical expertise was evident in addressing production challenges during the Chinese New Year period, ensuring that production speed was maintained without compromising quality or specifications.

Our ability to deliver high-efficiency solar modules within stringent timelines showcases ZETWERK’s expertise and dedication to supporting India’s renewable energy goals.


Business Unit Head – Renewables

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