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A Triumph Of Engineering Pioneering Steel Girder Fabrication for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project

Case Studies

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ZETWERK was approached by a large Indian MNC to build 21-meter-high steel girders on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Corridor. ZETWERK has demonstrated its prowess in the fabrication and erection of these steel girders for this prestigious project by fabricating and erecting these structures to highly exacting specifications that were earlier not accomplished in India.


The Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train project posed engineering challenges, necessitating advanced solutions such as the fabrication of steel girders. Initially, the lack of local expertise in India led to importing these girders from Japan. ZETWERK took up this challenge and engaged Japanese experts at its fabrication plant to ensure compliance with the stringent manufacturing standards.


ZETWERK fabricated a substantial 10,000 metric tons of steel girders for the MAHSR project, valued at approximately Rs. 150 crore. The collaboration with the principals has showcased ZETWERK’s prowess and demonstrated its ability to form strategic partnerships with industry leaders, harnessing collective expertise for the successful execution of complex projects.


ZETWERK’s engagement with Japanese experts served a dual purpose – meeting project specifications and enhancing the skills of its workforce. By integrating imported expertise into its operations, ZETWERK overcame the initial challenge of lacking local knowledge. This investment in skill development ensured immediate project success and positioned ZETWERK as an industry leader with improved operational capabilities, emphasizing a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.


ZETWERK’s 21-meter steel girder success is testimony to collaborative efforts. We have showcased our prowess by fabricating highperformance structures and innovating to overcome challenges. Our dual-benefit approach positions us as an industry leader, marking a significant milestone and establishing our reputation in complex steel structures.

By harnessing global expertise and investing in skill development, we not only met project specifications but also enhanced our operational capabilities, establishing ourselves as industry leaders in complex steel structures.

Nishant Goel

Business Unit Head – Railways & Metro

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