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2 X 15,000 Mt Refrigerated Storage Tanks Delivered

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Sharp Tanks and Structurals Pvt. Ltd. (STSPL), a ZETWERK company. was engaged by a leading player in the energy sector based in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu to execute a comprehensive project spanning the design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, and commissioning of two refrigerated storage tanks of 15,000 MT each. Specifically engineered for the storage of propane and butane, the project aimed to meet the exacting standards of the BVIS 2022 guidelines. The project scope was to be completed in phases, including third-party inspection, mechanical completion, precommissioning, commissioning assistance, calibration, and demonstration of performance guarantee parameters.


The project’s specifications included an Outer Tank with dimensions of 46.8 meters in diameter and 20 meters in height, along with an Inner Tank measuring 45.2 meters in diameter and 18.4 meters in height. The project progressed through various phases, encompassing design, engineering, procurement, supply, fabrication, erection, third-party inspection, mechanical completion, pre-commissioning, commissioning assistance, calibration, and the demonstration of performance guarantee parameters. The project had to adhere to BVIS 2022 standards. Additionally, the storage of propane and butane introduced another layer of complexity, emphasizing the need for precision engineering in both the design and construction phases to ensure the safety and operational efficiency of the storage tanks.


STSPL addressed the project challenges through a comprehensive solution to deliver a robust and safetycompliant design. Rigorous quality control measures, including third-party inspections, were implemented during fabrication to guarantee structural integrity. The project benefited from the oversight of a highly skilled and experienced team across various phases, from fabrication to commissioning, ensuring adherence to the highest standards.


The results were notable, with the project delivered on time despite its complexities. The refrigerated storage tanks successfully met all BVIS 2022 standards, undergoing thorough testing to ensure fitness for purpose and compliance with safety regulations. Client satisfaction was evident, as the client expressed contentment with the quality of work, adherence to timelines, and the overall professionalism demonstrated by STSPL throughout the project.


The successful completion of the refrigerated storage tanks project for the company showcased Sharp Tanks and Structurals Pvt. Ltd.’s commitment to precision engineering, compliance with industry standards, and client satisfaction. The project’s success further solidified STSPL’s position as a trusted partner in providing comprehensive storage tank solutions for clients in the energy sector.

Sharp Tanks and Structurals Pvt. Ltd. has pulled off another triumph by fabricating and commissioning two refrigerated 15,000 MT storage tanks for our client in Tuticorin and Kochi. Adhering to BVIS 2022 standards and surpassing project complexities furthers our standing with customers in the Oil & Gas sector.

Vijaya Peri

Business Unit Head – Oil & Gas

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