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15,000 MT Full Integrity Double Walled Storage Tanks Project Completed

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A leading Indian energy organization entrusted Sharp Tanks and Structurals P. Ltd., a ZETWERK company, with a comprehensive project at Krishnapattanam Port, Andhra Pradesh. The assignment involved the design, engineering, procurement, supply, fabrication, inspection, transportation, storage, construction, installation, insulation design, and application, as well as testing, pre-commissioning, and commissioning of two state-of-the-art Full Integrity Double Walled Storage Tanks, each with an impressive capacity of 15,000 MT.


The tanks, intended for the storage of propane and butane, featured outer tank dimensions of 46 meters in diameter and 21.59 meters in height, while the inner tank measured 44 meters in diameter and 20 meters in height. The design requirements, engineering specifications, and the complexity of managing the project from procurement to commissioning demanded high technical proficiency. Additionally, we had to ensure the integrity of the double-walled storage tanks, meet safety standards, and adhere to the regulations outlined by LRS 2022. The sheer scale of the storage tanks and the need for insulation design and application further underscored the challenges faced by the engineering team.


Successfully meeting and surpassing these challenges, we delivered two impeccably engineered and constructed Full Integrity Double Walled Storage Tanks to the client at Krishnapattanam Port. The impact of this achievement was substantial. It solidified Sharp Tanks’ reputation as a comprehensive solution provider for complex projects in the energy sector. The client benefited from enhanced storage capabilities, operational efficiency, and reliability


The successful execution of this project further established Sharp Tanks and Structurals P. Ltd. as a preferred partner for companies seeking expertise in the design, fabrication, and installation of large-scale storage tanks. The ability to seamlessly handle every aspect of the project, from conception to commissioning, showcased our versatility and proficiency in the energy infrastructure domain.

Completing the Full Integrity Double Walled Storage Tanks project at Krishnapattanam Port marks another milestone in our commitment to delivering comprehensive and high-quality solutions for the energy sector

Vijaya Peri

Business Head – Oil & Gas

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