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Introduction: The Power of Indian Brands

By Zetwerk Editorial Team

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24 May 2024

Iconic brands transcend borders, cultures, and time. These brands signify quality and excellence and carry a legacy of trust, innovation, and consumer loyalty. In a conversation with Ms. Sukhleen Aneja, CEO of Good Brands Co., Good Glamm Group, we learn how to create an iconic brand.  

The Journey to Iconic Status

Drawing from Ms. Aneja’s extensive experience in multinational corporations like HUL and L’Oreal, the discussion centers on three pillars of iconic brands:

  1. Consistency: Iconic brands maintain a consistent quality and experience across geographies, ensuring that consumers receive the same standard regardless of location.
  2. Brand Positioning: How a brand positions itself and communicates its values to consumers in building trust and loyalty.
  3. Legacy Beyond Founders: An iconic brand always outlives its founders.

Ms. Aneja emphasizes the importance of these pillars and how they shape the roadmap for Good Brands Co. in its quest for global recognition and consumer trust.

The Aggregation Model and Building Brands

Transitioning into the strategies employed by Good Glamm Group, Ms. Bhandari explains the aggregation model and how to identify brands for acquisition. Ms. Aneja sheds light on the importance of staying focused within the beauty and personal care domain, choosing brands with unique propositions, and retaining the essence and integrity of each brand post-acquisition.

Balancing Brand Values and Scaling

A critical aspect of brand consolidation is balancing the intrinsic values of acquired brands with the larger vision of the group. Ms. Aneja shares insights into retaining founder mindsets, cultural integrity, and leveraging core strengths while ensuring alignment with the company’s mission and values.

The Future of Manufacturing and Digital Transformation

Moving to manufacturing and digital transformation, the conversation touches on the importance of smart factories, quality standards, and consumer preferences. Ms. Aneja highlights the need for impeccable quality, eco-friendly practices, and social consciousness in product development, aligning with evolving consumer demands.

Navigating Challenges and Building Responsibly

As the discussion delves into the pressures of scaling, investor expectations, and maintaining compliance, Ms. Aneja emphasizes the importance of patient capital, responsible governance, and product excellence in navigating challenges while ensuring sustainable growth.

The Power of Partnerships and Ecosystem Growth

Ms. Aneja explores the synergies between content, commerce, community, and the creator economy in driving growth for brands within the group. She also discusses the vast opportunities for traditional manufacturers to leverage digital platforms, partnerships, and market dynamics to scale and innovate.

Envisioning India 2030: Opportunities and Growth

Looking towards the future, Ms. Aneja envisions a bright landscape for D2C brands in India, leveraging technology, consumer preferences, and market dynamics for exponential growth. She emphasizes the role of SMEs, global expansion, and creating lasting impact through responsible business practices.

Closing Thoughts: A Vision for Tomorrow

As the Fireside Chat concludes, Ms. Aneja shares her favorite brands within the portfolio and highlights the immense potential for Indian brands to go global. She also reflects on the importance of private-public partnerships, skilling initiatives, and social impact in shaping a robust ecosystem for business growth.

Conclusion: A Legacy in the Making

The Fireside Chat encapsulates the journey from vision to legacy, showcasing the strategies, values, and aspirations that define iconic brands from India. Through innovation, integrity, and a deep understanding of consumer needs, these brands pave the way for a dynamic and thriving future in the global marketplace.