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The ‘Gig’ Factor in Zetwerk’s Growth

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04 January 2024

IT’S VITAL for a start-up to be agile and try new things. But operating in a legacy sector such as manufacturing also means striking a fine balance between the old and the new. “We try not to benchmark ourselves against any traditional organisation,” says Ginu Nair, vice president, HR, Zetwerk.

With manufacturing likely to add nearly $1 trillion to India’s GDP over the next decade, as per a recent report by Matrix Partners India and McKinsey, business-to-business (B2B) manufacturing marketplace unicorn Zetwerk is already in a sweet spot. It’s no surprise then that unlike traditional manufacturing companies which focus on engineering talent, Zetwerk draws people from diverse backgrounds to bring in fresh perspectives. “Today we have been able to hire the best of folks from traditional set-ups, people from the start-up ecosystem who never had a manufacturing or industrial background, and B2C people on the product engineering side,“ says Nair.

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