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Indian Domestic Shipment Tracking & Validation

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ZETWERK manages over 5,000 domestic customer deliveries monthly. However, we faced significant operational challenges because GPS tracking is largely non-existent for logistics operations. Additionally, compliance checks required intensive scrutiny, and the volume of shipments meant that would have needed to deploy dedicated manpower, which would have proven counter-productive to validate all vehicular movement.

Therefore, the project’s main objective was to revolutionize this framework by integrating technology-driven solutions to streamline operations and compliance, ensure timely deliveries, and enhance operational efficiency for customer satisfaction.


Although this traditional approach was costeffective, it hindered real-time shipment visibility, leading to inefficiencies in customer communication, delivery updates, and operational excellence. The primary challenge for ZETWERK was to eliminate labor-intensive manual compliance processes for domestic movements and integrate automated tracking systems to overcome operational bottlenecks, increased errors and hindered our ability to provide real-time customer updates, which ultimately impacted operational efficiency.


ZETWERK’s strategic tech overhaul had a transformative effect on our operations. By automating compliance checks, we have achieved an impressive 80% improvement in operational efficiency.

Data integration provided comprehensive compliance visibility, and leveraging government databases like ULIP, VAHAN, and FASTag enabled robust tracking of vehicle movements, enhancing operational insights significantly. Automating the recording of supplier movements further streamlined logistics workflows, leading to faster processing times and improved customer service.


The advantage of our tech overhaul lies in its comprehensive approach. by integrating cutting-edge technology solutions such as FASTag, ULIP and VAHAN, alongside policy and process reforms.

We revolutionized our logistics operations by eliminating manual-driven compliance checks and enhanced visibility, ensured regulatory compliance, optimized operational costs, and delivered customer satisfaction.

ZETWERK’s innovative domestic shipment tracking and validation platform is what our business requires. By integrating technology, they have enhanced visibility, ensured compliance, significantly improved operational efficiency, and positively impacted operational costs

Dhiraj P

Product Manager

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